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Animate has posted screenshots for tomorrow’s episode, Finding Santa  - an adaption of the 2009 Christmas Backlog on Kitayume. This episode also marks the new art style debut of Sealand (and likely singing a particular song). Many of these screenshots are higher-quality shots of the same ones previously seen on Tumblr these past couple of weeks and in the May edition of Comic Birz.

The anime will go on a two week hiatus after this episode airs and will return on May 10th, with an episode adapting Brother! We are…! from Volume 5 and Before the International Conference from Volume 4. In the meantime, we will see the release of the first Hetalia: The Beautiful World DVD set on April 24th. It will include the unaired episode Buon San Valentino - First Part, based on the source material from the original webcomic.

(Source: animate.tv)